Not everybody in the world has the possibility to breed their dogs to the great studdogs of choice available through out Europe .

Blackbull K9 now makes this possible for everybody in the world, no matter were you live or what breed you have, Blackbull K9 offers the services to take care for you for the whole process from A to Z 


We can take care of the transportation of your dog either by car or by plane, handle the documents etc.

We can take care of transportation between airport and our boardingfacilities and transportation to studdog of choice to let the actual breeding take place at the right time.


We can board your dog in our facilities or in home on request, have the possiblity to feed various brands of dryfood or fresh meat and have regular veterinarian controle.


Our veterinarian can  do progesterontest to make sure what is the best moment for breeding, and make sure your female will be mated at the right time.


We can take care of all communication between you and owner of chosen studdog, also for making appointment for breeding and taking care of paperwork.

Our team speaks English - German - Dutch - Czech and have acces to spanish translator.  

For general information and pricing contact us at: