We offer different training programs for your dogs. From different puppy programs to titling and korung your dog , Personal Protection or TART of AD.BH.  IPO/ sch H , ZVV  to name a few.

We use the newest training techniques (positive) and keep our knowledge up to date by training with ,  and visiting seminars of the best on regular bases , like Jurgen Zank , Mia Skogster, Bart Bellon to name a few.

Click on the button of the program of choice to get more information about each individual program.

Commands / Languages

We can teach your dog the commands in various languages. On your request , commands can be thought in: German , English , Dutch and Czech.

Puppy pickup Service

We offer the possibility to pickup your puppy at breeder ( in most European countries) Personally and bring it to our training center).  Ask for further details.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at:

blackbullk9@email.cz  or call 00420-606 808 926